01 Fr Dez | 2023

Doors open: 20:00

20:00: Einlass
20:50 Kronstadt
22:00 Agnosy
23:00 Verrat

Verrat five year anniversary – following the release of two albums and an increasing number of shows abroad, the band has decided to celebrate their fifth anniversary with a concert in the legendary Arena Dreiraum and invited exciting guests.

Founded in Vienna in 2018, Verrat stands for modern crust with strong influences from the death and black metal realm. Building on a solid foundation consisting of the genre typical "D-beat", paired with technical metal parts, the uncompromising processing of personal, as well as political topics constitutes another characteristic of the band. Despite the difficulties the pandemic has brought for live music, the foursome has accumulated a respectable amount of stage-experience by playing shows in their homecountry, as well as through touring in countries such as Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland. 
In the late summer of 2022, Verrat released their second Album "Zeiten der Leere" through the German underground label "Save the scene records". After the preceding EP "Abgebrannt", the band succeeded in their ambitions to create an even more versatile record, on a musical, as well as on a textual level, that hits the audience with a carefully crafted combination of speed, power and melody. 

Agnosy is a crust punk band from London. Their metallic d-beat sound has been characterized by heavily tuned down guitars and deep growls, ever since the start of the band, back in April 2010. So far the band has released three albums in which they have stayed true to their style. Nevertheless, Agnosy still manages to appear contemporary by combining aggressive crust with heavy death metal and catchy rock n roll guitar solos. In addition to the usual crustpunk topics, such as depression or war, the band also deals with current issues such as the danger of growing fascism and the invasion of Afrin in their lyrics. In addition to countless shows in the United Kingdom, Agnosy has played numerous festivals and underground venues on the European mainland and has already toured Mexico. We are looking forward to welcoming Agnosy to Arena for the first time, this december.

Kronstadt from Brno, Czech Republic: An antifascist blackened hardcore force that ignites the stage with their uncompromising music. They embrace the intensity of black metal violence as they channel raw emotion and resistance into every note. Relentless sound of opposition to fascist society.

Vorverkauf/Presale € 14,- (+ € 2,- Fee)
Abendkassa € 20,- (ab 21 Jahren)
Abendkassa € 14,- (unter 21 Jahren; amtlichen Lichtbildausweis mitbringen!)

Arena Wien - Dreiraum

Baumgasse 80
1030 Wien