01 Mi Mai | 2024

Doors open: 19:00

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Sedem Minút Strachu

Noisecore from Slovakia
This onion terrorist commando Sedem Minút Strachu was born after short talk at the Exhumed gig on March 8th, 2012. From the very beginning the complete agenda of our band was clear and definite - to rip off and recycle noise of two of the best bands ever: Seven Minutes Of Nausea and Fear Of God. But honestly, the truth is that we hadn't that much to talk about since only Jan, the drummer, was able to really play, Rado, Richard and Marek was only able to pose hard. And nothing has really changed yet. We play classic haraam merzb'n roll with that typical ulaanbaatarian freejazz touch. We are very antiproporn, against neon nazis, kris/krosstianity, we are very anti Fa and pro Nivea, and we fight stupidity with beer in one and onion in other hand. Each band member is as old as a whole average youthcrew band, so we only play and record for 7 minutes, since we can't risk heart attacks. Our first demo is our very first gig recorded and our last tape is our last rehearsal recorded, we did some lo-fi and some pro-fi releases in between and most probably we have much more while you are reading this, because we love to release as many degenerated, stupid, worthless shit as possible. Who needs another perfect deathmetal CD, only crap noise is real. Sleep well, eat well, Maxwell and shit hard!

One man project from Brno performing harsh noise inspired by noise core made by piezo-microphones, standard effects and home-made instruments including toys. Energy, anger, agression and noise with funny grace. On the scene since 2015.

Noise Grindcore from Vienna

Crust from Vienna 1st show

Arena Wien - Dreiraum

Baumgasse 80
1030 Wien