27 Fr Mai | 2022

Roadtrip To Outta Space


Roadtrip To Outta Space

Doors open: 20:00

Das Konzert wurde abgesagt! Bereits gekaufte Tickets können ab Mittwoch 18.5.2022 bei der jeweiligen Vorverkaufsstelle zurückgegeben werden. Leute, die direkt über die Arena Website gekauft haben, bekommen das Geld automatisch zurückerstattet.

The concert has been cancelled! Tickets can be returned where being purchase (starting from May 18th). If you bought your tickets directly through the Arena website, you get your money refunded automatically.

"Oï everyone,
Canek is injured recently. We thought he would get better quickly, but things are worse than expected, and he is forced to rest for a month.We are sorry to announce that all our shows are canceled until June 3 (included). Unfortunately, these shows could not be postponed.
Please, contact your venue for ticket refunds.We apologize deeply, to you who were planning to come, and to the venues that booked us.
Touring has been an integral part of our life since the beginning of the band, and it's hard for us to have to give up these shows with you. But there will be many more to share together !
Thank you very much for your unfailing support, it means a lot.
See you all soon" - SLIFT

Heaviness, riffs, psychedelic, science-fiction... SLIFT’s progressive sound is a colorful and legendary journey to the edge of kraut and stoner rock. From the many shows performed across Europe - sharing the stage with Jon Spencer, DeWolff or Mars Red Sky - to the KEXP session (December 2019 during Les Trans Musicales), the French trio launched an outstanding astral adventure. 
SLIFT released their debut EP ‘Space Is The Key’ in June 2017 via Howlin Banana (France) and Exag’ Records (Belgium). Inspired by Alain Damasio’s sci-fi novels and Pierre Ferrero’s illustration work, ‘Space Is The Key’ is a raucous wall of sound and energy. The five nervous tracks are loaded up with fuzz mayhem and maniac beats sharp enough to knock your head off spinning with their hypnotic riffs. 
In 2018, Toulouse-based outer space jammers released their first LP ‘La Planète Inexplorée’, helped by garage rock producer Lo’Spider (The Monsters, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Magnetix) and Jim Diamond (Fleshtones, Sonics, White Stripes) from the mighty Ghetto Recorders, Detroit. The record is the result of many overnight improvised sessions, probably due to their obsession with the krautrock scene and the 70s free jazz albums. Made of sci-fi digressions, the lyrics are about creating space warps and waking up ice giants after a millennia sleeping on a distant planet.
In February 2020, SLIFT released a space odyssey about Titans: ‘Ummon’. Delivered through Vicious Circle Records (France) and Stolen Body Records (UK), the double LP is a powerful blend of acid krautrock and cosmic jazz, that highlights heavy and saturated guitars, huge bass vibrations escaping from the Minas Morgül's dungeons and Nostromo’s drums travelling at the speed of light. ‘Ummon’ is coming out this June for the very first time in the USA.
"A dizzying journey beyond the stars" ★★★★ - Louder Then War
"Slift create mania with a hurricane of guitar and energy" - KEXP
"It’s not just a record, but a whole-ass quest, led by three of the most talented, metal-as-fuck dungeon masters around" - Bandcamp

Since 2013, TarLung stand for a thick and colossal sound, despite the lack of a bass player: Two low-tuned guitars, hard-hitting drums and brutal vocals are more than enough to create an earth-shattering live sound and mesmerizing records.TarLung was formed in late 2013. After just 6 months the band recorded their self-titled album at Deep Deep Pressure Studios and released it before playing a single live show. A bunch of gigs in Austria and Germany followed, with bands like Saturnalia Temple, EyeHateGod, Arabrot, Suma and Conan.In 2016 TarLung hit the Deep Deep Pressure studio again to record the "Void" EP and the follow up full length album "Beyond The Black Pyramid" in a three day session. "Void" was released on tape in October 2016.In 2017 TarLung had their first festival appearence at "United We Stand", along with other gigs in Germany and Austria. The second full length "Beyond The Black Pyramid" was released in May, with the support of Black Bow Records (Jon Paul Davis/ Conan). The cover art was created by Alex Eckman-Lawn.2018 brought touring through the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland with Throne (Italy), including the "Stoner Doom Festival" in Katowice.2019/20 were focused on writing new material for the third album, which was recorded in September 2020.Two releases followed in 2021: A split EP with heavy noise rock heroes KRPL from Graz, and the new full length album, "Architect". The response to "Architect" was overwhelmingly positive, and the TarLung look forward to performing it live as much as possible!

Vorverkauf/Presale € 20,- (+ € 2,50,- Fee)
Abendkassa/Doors € 24,-

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