27 Sa Nov | 2021

Doors open: 19:00

"Hey folks,
Due to an upcoming lockdown for Austria from 22.11.2021 on, the show with Altın Gün and Zack Zack Zack can not take place on the 27th of November 2021. 
We are unbelievably sad, that we are not able to deliver better information at this point. We are very aware of the situation that those numerous postponements are quite nerve-wracking and lead to displeasure.
This show would have been the biggest one within our ongoing journey, so believe us: we are feeling really, really sad to postpone this one to November 11th, 2022. But there gonna be good times where we gonna dance and party all together very soon!
Promised Our agency strives to remain fair and transparent to our community, although this causes a big financial damage for us.
Therefore, there are 4 options for your purchased ticket:
1) tickets remain valid for the new date (November 11th, 2022)
2) a refund of your purchased ticket. (we have to pay fees for the refund)
3) an exchange of your ticket(s) into a FYI voucher, which you can use for all upcoming events promoted by our agency.
4) you donate your whole, or a part of your ticket, to us. As a guide value 10-20% would help us a lot to cover our refund costs.
Please take your mail address and order id and write them down under the following link: https://fyi-agency.com/tickets/

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to sweaty nights with you at the next concert evening.
Stay safe and all the best!
Your FYI agency,
F x N."


All good things come by three…We are really happy to welcome the Anatolian rock and Psychedelic Turkish Folk band Altın Gün for the third time here in Vienna on 27th of November 2021, Arena Wien.

Amsterdam’s Altin Gün have built a strong reputation for fusing past and present to make brilliantly catchy, upbeat pop music, as seen with their Grammy-nominated second album, Gece. Yol (VÖ 26.02.2021, Glitterbeat Records) their third album in as many years, continues that trend; while unveiling a number of sonic surprises. 

Zack Zack Zack ist Yigit Bakkalbasi und Cemgil Demirtas. Beide stammen ursprünglich aus Izmir, Türkei, und leben derzeit in Wien, Österreich. Sie experimentieren und überraschen gerne mit innovativen Sounds. Retro-Future, avant-garde, experimental, synthwave – ihre Musik ist jenseits von Grenzen und Labels.
Ihr Name ist ein künstlerisches Manifest – ein Wortspiel, das sich auf die politische Katastrophe Österreichs (“Ibiza-Affäre”) vom Mai 2019 bezieht, die das schmutzige Gesicht der Politik enthüllte und zum Sturz der Regierung führte. Zu der Zeit haben sie angefangen zu spielen und ihre erste Single “Kunst” ist das Ergebnis einer Live-Performance-Aufnahme in der Kunstschule Wien im Juni 2019.Am 12. Februar 2021 veröffentlichten sie ihr erstes Musikvideo zum Song “Bütün” und erregten sofort internationale Aufmerksamkeit. Ihr Debütalbum “Album 1” erschien am 5. November 2021.

Tickets: http://bit.ly/FYIaltinguenVienna

Arena Wien - Große Halle

Baumgasse 80
1030 Wien