20 Fr Sep | 2019

Doors open: 19:00

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Austria's most persistent punk rock band, DeeCRACKS, celebrate their sweet 16th anniversary at their most favourite venue in the world, the magnificent ARENA WIEN. They will be joined by very close companions of their touring adventures from all over the world in a double night party, that is guaranteed to last in your memory for years to come... just don't miss this!


So here they are, the band of the hour, the leaders of any local high school drop out punk pack, the brat beating Ramones romantics, breaking hearts and flooding livers all across the continents in a flabbergasting twirl of pure Rock’n’Roll madness. Around since 2003, formed after the break-up of the Beatbrats and initially called the Cretins, these three dudes had to count all the way up to 16 this year to determine the anniversary, which is, after all, just really sweet. Time flies when you’re having fun! Young at heart and still under 40, they are sure to have a good piece of hard rocking roads ahead of them, so let’s say this event will mark the wild 1st period of a play-off that definitely deserves some over-time and will leave nobody a loser. Find what’s good & make it last! Here’s to DeeCracks!

Nicotine, Hormone, Backbreaker and... Sander!? Even though only 3 of the 4 members earned a punk name in the past, these Dutch desk jockeys bring quality office Pop Punk to this Fest. Outstanding songwriting mixed with a great sense for harmonies. They might have a questionable taste of fashion, but you'll be the judge of that. As past members of well-known Dutch bands The APERS and ACCELERATORS, they founded The WINDOWSILL to make their own kind of music. Fun Fact: In 2015, we released a split 10" with them on Shield Recordings called "Reconsider Fisto" and we are proud to have them play in Vienna for the first time!

The RICHIES (de)

As a teenager and part of the Punk scene in the early 90s in a small town in Austria meant one thing: You could not escape the huge amount of German bands dominating the locals’ taste. There were some good ones of course, but to be honest, most of them were a complete waste of time. THE RICHIES were love at first listen, though. They were by far the coolest of them all. Their straight up 1-2-3-4 attitudes, their witty lyrics and the uncompromising energy of the songs reminded heavily of the RAMONES (on purpose??) and that's what we needed.
Since their foundation in the late 80s, the Richies remain true to their vision of Rock'n'Roll and became good friends of ours as well in the last couple years. And friends shall be invited to birthday parties, right? We are very honoured to have them in Vienna, for the first time ever The Richies from Duisburg, Germany! I HATE MY DT-125!!


Straight out of London, UK Lucy and the Rats deliver super catchy, garagey Power Pop with lots of attitude. Founded in 2015 by the lovely Lucy Spazzy, member of the Australian All Girl Power Pop / Punk trio THE SPAZZYS, as well as former bass player for yours truly, the Rats quickly made a name of themselves in the London underground scene, released addictive music on Monster Zero and Dirty Water Records and played shows all over Europe as well as South America and Australia. So it's about damn time they finally come to Vienna, right? They will and it's gonna be wild! 


After-Party DJ-Set by MRS. LOVETT 

Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Beat & Rock'n'Roll

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2-Day-Pass Abendkassa/Doors € 35,-

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1-Day-TicketAbendkassa/Doors € 20,-

Arena Wien - Dreiraum

Baumgasse 80
1030 Wien